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Let Golden Age Auctions authenticate your golf autographs & memorabilia!

Why Authenticate with Golden Age Auctions?

In this day and age, authentication and provenance are key aspects of collecting antiques and memorabilia. Simply put, authentication from reputable sources dramatically increases both the value and investment potential of your golf memorabilia.

At its core, Authentication is a way to have recognized experts give their professional opinion of whether something is real or fake. But Authentication has evolved into so much more. It has now become a way to further document and catalog golf memorabilia. In fact, with many of the items currently being authenticated by Golden Age Auctions, the owner does not even question the item’s authenticity.

Oftentimes they are autographs or memorabilia obtained personally by the owner, but Authentication is sought to further bolster the item’s value and provenance. Amazingly, a majority of the memorabilia authenticated by Golden Age Auctions are from collectors that have no intention of selling the item in the near future. But Authentication from Golden Age Auctions provides comfort to the collector – both in terms of authenticity and value.

What do we Authenticate?

Green Jacket Auction provides authentication of golf autographs, as well as golf antiques and memorabilia. We have been enlisted to authenticate everything from single golf autographs to entire collections worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What We Offer

GJA Certificate and matching Hologram

As soon as collectors across the globe see the Golden Age Auctions logo, they know it is a name they can trust. Every item authenticated by Golden Age Auctions will come with either a numbered certificate or letter from Golden Age Auctions, and matching numbered hologram.

Authentication Database

Golden Age Auctions provides its collectors a convenient way to look up and verify all items authenticated by Golden Age Auctions. By typing the certificate or hologram number into our exclusive database, anyone can pull up information about the authenticity of the item in question.

Golden Age Auctions is widely regarded as the foremost authority on golf autographs in the industry. We have experience and expertise in historic golf figures such as Tom Morris and Bobby Jones, as well as current PGA Tour stars like Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and John Daly. We are assisted by the largest database of exemplars of known-authentic golf autographs in existence.

This golf autograph database has literally taken us years to assemble, and helps us further ensure that we properly authenticate your golf autographs. Check out our competitive price list for us to authenticate your golf autographs today:


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