Lot # 2: Tiger Woods' Personal Nike Putter w/ Mark Steinberg Letter

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Offered here is Tiger Woods' personally-used and signed circa 2010 Nike Method putter. As all golf collectors know, the collecting world is almost completely devoid of all quality pieces of Tiger Woods memorabilia. If the total market cap of Michael Jordan cards and memorabilia is upwards of $1 billion, Tiger Woods' total market cap may be $20-30 million - a paltry amount in comparison. This is no doubt a contributing factor in why we sold the Tiger Slam Irons for $5.15 million earlier this year. And why backup Scotty Cameron putters of Tiger's are now worth at least $300,000-$400,000 each. Simply put, Tiger himself is a vault when it comes to his memorabilia, and his inner circle is small, tight-knit, and intensely loyal.

All of these factors make the offered putter that much more special. To our knowledge, this is the first time that one of Tiger's personally used putters reached the collector directly from Tiger's team. This Tiger Woods putter was donated by his longtime agent Mark Steinberg to a 2014 charity auction at The Reformed Church Nursery School. That's right, one of the most significant pieces of modern golf memorabilia reached the collector market because Mark Steinberg gave it to a nursery school auction. Mark Steinberg also wrote a letter of authenticity on Excel Sports Management letterhead. The letter itself is light on details, though Steinberg attests to the fact that he witnessed Tiger autograph the putter. 

This putter is nothing short of remarkable. It is a custom Nike Method putter with "TW" logo on one side of the hosel, and "Tiger Woods" on the other. It also contains the serial number TW 9.10.2P. We sent this photo to a former employee of Nike's famed Oven, who confirmed that this putter was produced for Tiger Woods in or around 2010, and that it was "made for Tiger to game on tour." The putter also contains one more special detail. This Nike putter is fitted with a blacked out rubber PING grip - Tiger's preferred grip to use on his gamers.

More research would need to be done to determine if or when Tiger used this exact putter on Tour. A definitive match would send the value of this putter soaring, and value it among the upper echelons of Tiger Woods collectibles.

Letter of Authenticity from Mark Steinberg, Excel Sports Management